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I discovered the globe to be an expansive, diverse and alive place when my passport was first stamped as a high schooler in Dallas on a school trip to Spain. Since then, my sense of curiosity and desire to experience new cultures has led me to more than 45 countries across six continents.

After graduating from The McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas, I began my career in energy consulting. While I enjoyed my five years as a consultant, my true love was planning travel for myself and others. After a three month trip around the world with my husband, I decided to pivot and pursue my passion for travel and travel planning as a career.

HUTTON|B, a luxury travel advisory, was established during the Summer of 2017 when we were living in New York City. We met the team from Local Foreigner in recent years and knew that our vision and goals for HUTTON|B were aligned with theirs. Since then, it’s been our greatest joy to be an affiliate of Local Foreigner and share the world with our clients. I personally have been fortunate enough to have planned what feels like thousands of trips and have yet for two trips to be the same!

I live in Austin, Texas with my husband, Ian, our son, Boone and our daughters, Beau and Gemma. When I’m not planning travel or scouting the latest and greatest destinations, you will likely find me exploring my surroundings, searching for a good cup of cold brew, running outdoors, cycling indoors, relaxing with our cat - Willie Nelson, or sipping cocktails with my family and friends.

Top 3 for me would be:
1. Any and everywhere in Norway to explore where my mother’s side of the family is from.
2. Namibia to explore the incredible Skeleton Coast and Etosha National Park.
3. The Philippines to experience beaches far far away from home.

Depth is sometimes more meaningful than breadth…
Become a regular. As said by Bon Appetit “…grabbing a different pastry from the same bakery every morning, or sipping espresso on a bench outside of one coffee shop every afternoon, or becoming a regular at a friendly local bar, even if it’s just for a week, can be more meaningful than—and just as satisfying as—hitting all the “must-trys” on so-and-so’s Best Of list”

La Reserve Ramatuelle near St. Tropez, Bulgari in Bali, The Silo in Cape Town and Esperanza in Cabo…
I could go on and on! I’m a total hotel junkie these days.

My Tumi international adaptor, my Walker Valentine toiletry bags, my PJ Harlow silk pillowcase and of course I can’t leave home without my husband and our three kiddos!

Nothing brings me greater joy than helping clients create unforgettable memories, gain a global perspective and experience new cultures and cuisines in destinations I adore…
all in HUTTON|B style of course!

Jenny Plungis


From a very young age it was instilled in me to spend money on experiences rather than things. Growing up my family spent much time exploring and traveling. Then, during my junior year of college we took a trip to Kenya to do mission work and go on safari and, right thereafter, I left for a study abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I think these two things together really changed my trajectory and opened my eyes to a world outside the USA.

Upon graduation, I knew I wanted to work in travel. I spent my first year after college teaching English in Madrid and exploring much of Europe. I came home in 2012 and started working at The Ritz-Carlton in sales and the rest is history. I spent five years working at different Marriott hotels across a few states. I loved it but, in 2018, the opportunity to move to NYC and work for In the Know Experiences selling travel was presented to me. I took a leap of faith and am so glad I did. I definitely found my passion helping people build their dream trips and have been doing just that ever since.

Mid-pandemic Hutton and I joined forces and it’s been amazing – I can’t imagine a better outcome of the what was a pretty abysmal time for travel advisors. I look forward to what’s next for us!! 50+ countries and counting and my wanderlust will never be satiated!

Crosby Street Hotel in New York, Dar Ahlam in Morocco, Plaza Athenee in Paris, Belmond Mount Nelson in Cape Town and ANYTHING Auberge!

Turkey as it is such a great alternative to the more ‘sought-after’ parts of the Med and there’s such incredible history and culture to uncover. Also Japan! And, finally, New Zealand. It’s so beautiful and diverse – what’s not to love?

A honeymoon where the couple had to pivot last minute from another destination and ended up heading to South Africa, which they never even considered until chatting with me! I was fresh off a trip from South Africa and so excited to have clients head down there. Initially, they were not sold on the trip but ended up being so wow’d by the destination and all that it has to offer from Cape Town to the Winelands to safari.

India is at the top. I was supposed to go in April 2020 and I can’t wait to reschedule! Argentina is also up there as I studied abroad in Buenos Aires and have been dying to go back ever since and see more of the country, including the Patagonia region. Plus, being so close to Antarctica, I’d just have to add an Antarctic extension. And there’s always Italy. You can never stop discovering Italy.

Don’t try and fill every moment of every day when you travel. It’s important to have the “must sees” planned in advance, but so much of the magic of travel is getting lost in a new destination. Take some time to relax, enjoy and experience the food and culture and see where the organic experience takes you!

Lindsey Sullivan


Exploring the world has always been a part of my life – I was born in Hong Kong and my parents never stopped moving. I grew up all over the states and used my high school summers to travel wherever I could. My love of travel and journalism brought me to Rio de Janeiro in 2016 covering the US gymnastics team, which lead me to realize that a career in travel was a dream I could turn into a reality. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, I immediately moved to New York City and started at a Public Relations firm, working for different hotels around the globe. One thing led to another, I was introduced to the world of travel planning, and I was hooked from the start!

After working with In the Know Experiences, I have been extremely lucky to join the amazing HUTTON|B team. What Hutton and Jenny have built together is incredible and I am overjoyed to be a part of it!

Las Ventanas in Cabo, La Reserve in Paris, and ÀNI Dominican Republic and three of my top favorites!

I traveled to rural India in the summer of 2012, and while there fell extremely ill. After many feverish days and a couple hospital visits, the women in my homestay family finally took matters into their own hands and performed an exorcism to rid me of the bug. The best part of the whole experience was that it worked – a few days later I was good as new!

My Laniege lip mask, my kindle, and melatonin for the jetlag!

Japan has been at the top of my list in recent years. I would love to explore bustling Tokyo and then relax in nearby Ryokans, and perhaps include a bit of snow skiing if the timing is right. Another daydream is New Zealand – the mix of adventure, fantastic wine, and fabulous hotels are calling my name.

While I am a travel planner by nature, its important to leave enough wiggle room in your itinerary to stop in at a local café for a coffee or glass of wine, or pop into the shop of a local artisan on a whim. On the flip side, too many days of free time can almost make you bored – but that’s where we come in!

Libby Pine


Growing up, my family moved to a different state every few years. I quickly realized that the food, history, and scenery can vary greatly even within the United States. This allowed me to learn how important it is to experience not only our country, but the world!

After I graduated college, I moved to Aspen, Colorado where I was fortunate enough to be integrated into the luxury hospitality industry. While I continued my career, I knew that I needed to experience the world for myself, so I packed up my things and decided to jet set around the globe for one year! A few highlights across my visits to over 30 countries include driving across Australia, taking cooking classes in Thailand, white water rafting down the largest commercial water fall in New Zealand, and hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc. I couldn't be more grateful for the experiences, cultures, and people that I met along the way. It gave me so much encouragement and confidence to come back to the US and share my knowledge within the industry!

After working for HUTTON|B part time during Hutton’s maternity leave, I decided I was ready to put my own touch on our clients’ travel experiences. I am eager to see where you go next and will be available to help make your travel dreams become a reality!

The Ashford Castle in Ireland. This hotel is not only stunning, but offers a wide range of activities on site. I know I would never get bored! Esperanza Los Cabos and St. Regis Aspen also do not disappoint!

1. Japan has always been on my list. It is such a unique country to send clients to, and I would love to experience it myself. Especially the cuisine! 

2. Chile has a vast landscape offering winelands, Patagonia, and the Atacama desert! 

3. Sri Lanka is often over looked, and although far away, can be paired with other unique areas such as the Maldives, which I adored!

There is nothing better than a client returning from a custom curated trip and hearing them say that it was the best trip they have ever experienced. That is exactly what we are here to provide! HUTTON|B allows you to relax, experience, and indulge.

Keep an open mind and don’t get clouded by the same restaurants, hotels, and experiences that everyone else is gravitating towards. Allow us to create a bespoke trip catered to your specific interests.

My first safari experience in East Africa. This destination was so different and unique compared to any other location I had previously visited. The wildlife spottings, the local people, the food… spectacular.

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